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The travels, music and lifestyle of a Miami Disc Jockey.
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My purpose behind this blog is to bring more people into the beautiful world i see when I travel. I...

I decided to meet my homeboy in Brazil in February 2015. Prices were kind of high for Carnival so we...

CommercialAppealArt   By Geoff Calkins The most terrifying part? That’s easy. Marshun Newell doesn’t hesitate. No, it was not the moment he was arrested at the Bluff City Classic, when a sheriff’s deputy cuffed him and led him away as he was watching a game. It was not the moment some weeks later, after he made bail, when half a dozen cop cars surrounded him when he was walking to basketball practice at Southwest Community College, and took him back to jail.
This is the in depth video version of of the 2 Chainz review I posted yesterday. In this one I break the album down song by song and give you the real trill deal on the project. More reviews coming soon!!Hope you like.