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The travels, music and lifestyle of a Miami Disc Jockey.
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This is the much anticipated 5th album from the bawse Ricky Rozay and he definitely didn't slack on it! It starts off with the hood ni99a prayer that dude did in Baby Boy and goes directly into Pirates, a to the point intro song that sets the tone for the album. The next joint is the long awaited 3 Kings which features Jay Z and Dr. Dre.....yeah,

I get propositioned time and time again by people who want 2 “manage” my career as a DJ.  In most...

The other day I had the pleasure of checking out a documentary called ‘Diary of a Mad DJ’ by my homie DJ Nabs and the title made me instantly ask, are seasoned spin doctors like myself “mad” at the current state of DJing? As with everything in society things change. From hair and clothing styles to minimum wage, there is a noticeable evolution in all facets of our lives.