| Review: 2 Chainz-Based on a T.R.U. Story(deluxe ed)
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Review: 2 Chainz-Based on a T.R.U. Story(deluxe ed)

Review: 2 Chainz-Based on a T.R.U. Story(deluxe ed)

This is the long awaited solo junt from Tity Boi aka 2 Chaaaaaainz, one half of Playaz Circle. He doesn’t waste any time coming out hard leading off with the  certified banger Yuck featuring Lil Wayne(only on the hook, but its still jammin) . Surprisingly the second song is just OK as far as  lyrics , but the beat is tight. Of course we all know ‘No Lie’ ft Drake is bumpin and the ‘Birthday Song’ with Kanye goes super hard on some hood shit. I’m trying my best to be objective but lately I’ve been bumping the new Ross and Nas albums and both of them are phenomenal. So needles to say the bar was set pretty high going into this review.

‘I’m Different’ and ‘What We Doin’ are ehhhh… not bad songs but also not necessary to make this a good album.

‘Extremely Blessed’ with the Dream is jamming on some chilling-with-yo-broad type shit and ‘Stop Me Now’ ft Dolla Boy is a refreshing change from some of the harder stuff on the album.

Speaking of guest appearances as an old schooler it made me feel good to hear Scarface flowing on the joint with Tit and John Legend.

This album remains consistent with what we’ve heard from Tit in the past and even pushes the envelope above typical trap music on tracks like ‘In Town’ and ‘Countdown’ with Chris Breezy. Don’t know exactly which songs are gonna be on the regular version because I’m listening to the deluxe version(Yeah I’m special) but I know a few of the tracks like ‘I feel Good’ produced by Don Cannon, ‘Riot’ produced by DJ Spinz  and ‘Like Me’  should have been higher up on the playlist. Solid project but I feel like the songs could have been arranged in a better order. Its a good album but I’m not in love with it.  7.5/10

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