| Review: Rick Ross-God Forgives, I Don’t #GFID
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Review: Rick Ross-God Forgives, I Don’t #GFID

Review: Rick Ross-God Forgives, I Don’t #GFID

This is the much anticipated 5th album from the bawse Ricky Rozay and he definitely didn’t slack on it! It starts off with the hood ni99a prayer that dude did in Baby Boy and goes directly into Pirates, a to the point intro song that sets the tone for the album. The next joint is the long awaited 3 Kings which features Jay Z and Dr. Dre…..yeah, THAT Dr Dre. For some reason he can t finish his own Detox album but he got verses for Ross? WTF Anyway, Dre started off the song followed by a Rick then Hov. Many thought Jay’s verse was a throw away because he said “U ain’t gotta keep this Khaled, its just a freestyle” but I’m pretty sure that entire song was done on purpose. A lot of times these super hero compilation songs don’t work because one person outshines the others, but this one indeed does work.

Maaaaaaan, Maybach Music IV has to be the most bumping of Ross’ signature series and it has less artist that ALL the others, this time its just Ross and NeYo.  Once again Justice League came with the bump as the song had more movements and chord changes than most artist entire albums. It surprised the sh!t out of me when LA Reid came on to spit some game at the end of the song but that just cements Rozays status as a power player in the game. The standout song that everybody can’t get enough of is “Sixteen” featuring the one and only Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 aka 3 Stacks..well you get the picture. This song is nothing short of phenomenal. Justice league is one of my all time  favorite production crews strictly because their songs are full musical compositions that sound more like an orchestra should be playing it as opposed to being on a rap album. Being a musician myself I appreciate the attention to detail. The album is not only filled with melodic masterpieces but tracks like Hold Me Back showcase the ‘repeat- a-line-2-million-times’ rap style that has become his signature over the past few years. I’m cool with it though because these are the songs everybody wants to hear when I’m spinning in the clubs. Its a good mix of songs that makes a successful album and this one has all of that as well as a slew of top notch guest appearances.  All in all this is  an album I’ll be bumping for a long time to come. 8/10

~Sir Frog


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  • Big Mase
    Posted at 11:36h, 06 August Reply

    I’m sorry Senor Frog, but this joint here deserves no less than a 10/10. This sh*t is a straight up CLASSIC, from top to bottom. Say what you want about Ricky Rozay, but the n*gga definitely got this rap shit on LOCK. All you pre-school ass rappers take note!!

    • DJFrogie
      Posted at 14:42h, 06 August Reply

      I definitely agree that this is a great album bruh but I cant say 10/10 because that would imply that the album is PERFECT, which it ain’t. Very good, yes. Perfect, NO! Maybe my mind is tainted because right before I started listening to this one, all I was listening to was ‘Nas-Life is Good’. Now that album is perfect. I need to do a review of it on here. Hell yeah. Imma post a review of that junt 2nite. I still love the Ross album tho.

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