| Intro to The Traveling DJ
The travels, music and lifestyle of a Miami Disc Jockey.
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Intro to The Traveling DJ

Intro to The Traveling DJ

The purpose of this blog is to highlight my travels to various countries of interest around the world. I’ve decided to use my work site as opposed to a separate blog as my format because this is where most of my followers come to keep up with me. I have been traveling for quiet some time and often get asked how I do it. The simple answer: I make it a priority. i think we all have the time and money to travel but we allow it to be allocated in other areas. I’ve had friends of mine say they cant travel yet have 5000 rims on their cars or 2000 worth of Jordans in their closets.


I’ve especially made it my business to push the idea of traveling to people of color. So often I talk to people who have never traveled outside of their home states let alone the United States. I truly believe that with more exposure some would have a greater appreciation for what they have and others would see the potential impact they could have on the world and might even toy with the idea of residency elsewhere. I’ve never believed that the world started and ended in my neighborhood so I always knew that options in ┬ácommerce, science, and entertainment existed in other lands. The key is to find where your truest heart exists. I must advise you all that traveling is a product of passion and should not be taken lightly on the international level. One could find himself thoroughly disappointed in a country if you’re not prepared for the differences they hold versus your home country.

Make sure you follow my Facebook page and check back often for my adventures in foreign lands.

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